What to Bring

Come Prepared!

We recommend you bring the following to Copa:

  • Registration fee and payment for T-shirt, if you haven’t already paid
  • Comfortable clothing for working up a sweat
  • One light- and one dark-colored shirt for each day
  • Cleats or other athletic shoes
  • Shin guards (if you have them)
  • Soccer ball (if it’s easy to travel with)
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Sleeping bag or bedroll (check with your host if needed)
  • Reusable plate, cup, and utensil for meals (if it’s easy to travel with)
  • Warm clothing for both on and off the pitch (it’s sunny Southern California, but it may still cool off at night)
  • Cash for incidentals (food at Saturday night party, etc.)
  • Copies of Left Wing mementos throughout the years for a group project
2nd Annual Copa Comunidad 2011: USC, Los Angeles, CA
Copa Comunidad II at USC (Los Angeles, CA, 2011)

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