Registrations are still being accepted for Copa Comunidad LA. Unfortunately, the deadline to register with a guaranteed T-shirt reservation has passed. You may request a shirt in your registration, but we cannot guarantee that we will have extras in your size.



As “Friends or Family” to

The Whole Shebang

The fee for Copa Comunidad IX is on a sliding scale of $40–$60.

Combined with free housing and transportation and a whole lot of borrowed items and donated labor, we work hard to keep costs low. Here’s how the fee breaks down:

  • Meals (including food, snacks, and supplies): $21–$33 total (4 meals)
  • Fields (including staff, lights, and insurance): $15–$21
  • Health and Safety (including first aid and toiletries): $2–$3
  • Rentals: $2–$3

T-shirts are not included in the reg fee; they will be an additional cost of $15 each. If you have ordered a shirt, this fee is not optional; we do need to pay for the shirts.

We hope that you will contribute as you are able. However, no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

À la carte

If you or a friend cannot join us for the entire weekend but still wish to participate in our comunidad, we suggest the following donations:

  • Meals: $10 each
  • Soccer only: $8 each day
  • Saturday or Sunday (all day, all inclusive): $15–20
  • Saturday party: $5

Again, please contribute as you are able.


Your Copa IX planning committee has not only been feverishly planning out the weekend, but has also been fronting any expenses required for an event of this scale. Prepayment of your registration fee would be much appreciated, though you may opt to pay on-site in L.A. instead.

Please send your fee via PayPal as “Friends or Family” to Send your payment from a bank account, rather than debit or credit, and no one incurs a fee!

You may also pay cash to a local liaison: Kate Horsting or Juan Berumen (LWFC), Emmanuel Ortiz (LWTC), Atley Chock (LWDC), or Andrea Gutierrez (LA Futbolistas).


2 thoughts on “Payment

  1. Lauren if you email out a mailing addy I’ll make sure (and maybe others will too) a check goes out so it’s conveniently in pocket asap! – Jay

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